Webinar Studio

Full focus on your message

Your audience at a safe distance, your message coming real close. And in the most personalized way.

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An online event people talk about

Webinar Studio is the professional working environment if your webcast or webinar needs to be of top quality. Give yourself and your target audience the flexibility to follow your online event live or on-demand. And stay in control of the result: a webinar or online event that people talk about. Respond to. And take action on.

Your story is key
Your message is the hero of the story. A story that makes you a person.

Engaging and binding
Webinars and online events that capture the imagination of your target audience.

Interactive and versatile Webinar Platform
Live or on-demand: smart solutions for serving and engaging your audience.

Increase your conversion
Data export, analytics, call-to-actions: direct link to marketing tools.

Touch & Go
Templates, standard protocols, and connection of your own systems.

Always secure. And always 1.5 meters distance
Registration and security are in good hands. Working safely for presentation, speakers, crew, and direction.

Tell your story. Bright and colorful

From one-way traffic to interactive two-way communication. Enrich the webcast with a PowerPoint or keynote. Engage your audience live through chat. Challenge them with Q&A’s. And check the mood through voting rounds.

The solution for optimal webinar and webcasting events:

  • webinars 
  • webcasting
  • e-learning 
  • online courses 
  • streaming events
  • keynote streaming
  • online inspiration sessions
  • online talks 
  • online presentations
  • online meetings
  • online panel discussions

Efficiency and conversion thanks to smart marketing tools

Optimize your event by using evaluation forms. Export all data generated by the event in a clear and compact way. This ensures you have the relevant analytics covered. Within the studio, there are all kinds of places where you can place URLs and call to actions. This increases the interaction with your audience. And your sales!

Touch & Go. Easy, effective, and efficient

Maximum ease of use and efficiency are at the top of your list. That makes it our number one priority too. That’s the foundation on which we designed the studio. Templates, standard protocols, and the ability to use your own systems provide simplicity and overview.

Safe in all respects. And within the rules for 1.5 meters

Registration and security are in good hands with us. You can import your own contacts without hassle. The entire crew, presenters, moderators, speakers, and guests can all work safely within the standards for 1.5 meters. The direction is done from a separate room.

The plus-side of perfect presentation
Enrich your webcast with all kinds of presentation tools.
Brand experience and activation
Enter your corporate identity into the entire user experience.

Brand experience: activate your visitor

You can implement your corporate identity throughout the entire user experience. With the registration process of your preference. So that means: easy import and invite your contacts. From start to finish, you activate the visitor with your brand.

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