Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual Reality Event Visualisation

Are you a technical producer or do you organise events? Do you want to visualise your production possibilities easier and faster?

Convincing potential customers that your event concept, location or plan is the best choice can be quite difficult. Faber Audiovisuals offers you the perfect solution: our unique Virtual Reality Event Visualisation tool.

Improve your pitch with Faber’s innovative ‘virtual reality event visualisation’

The combination of 3D visualisation and virtual reality enables you to visualise your complete event, including the décor. By the means of VR goggles and the Faber VR Experience app, you are able to visualise venues and event concepts in order to immerse potential customers in the endless possibilities.

With just one click, you can even show customers different variances of your concept in the desired event location.

Faber VR Experience is:

  • Combination of 3D visualisation and virtual reality to experience the event in advance
  • Convincing potential customers quicker and easier
  • Irresistible pitches
  • Display different variances of your event concept with just one click
  • Cost-efficient solution by making the right decisions quicker and easier
  • Fully customizable to your own corporate identity

Improve customer experience

The VR event visualisation technology gives you the power to improve your customers’ overall experience, by letting them explore the space and their personal specifications. It will depict the event visualisation that is totally adapted to their personal preferences.

Virtual Reality Event Visualisation

Faber Audiovisuals offers the hardware, the creative and the productional manpower to create the VR and AR applications for you. Do not be put off by the fact that everything is possible. By talking and brainstorming together and focusing on your goals, options such as VR and AR will automatically come along.

In some concepts they will not fit, in others they will fit perfectly and success is assured. So, don’t hesitate to challenge us and inquire us to show you some examples. The inspiration will absolutely flow.

Together we will create the perfect plan

Are you searching for a specific product, or a complete solution for your technical realisation of your corporate event? We would love to think, brainstorm and sketch with you. Together we will generate a tailor-made plan.

Curious about our possibilities? Please feel free to contact us, free of obligations.

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